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The Jinja Analysation Tool (jat) provides a complexity preserving transformation from Jinja bytecode programs to term rewrite system (see A Complexity Preserving Transformation from Jinja Bytecode to Rewrite Systems).


Release of version 1.1.0

Version 1.1.0 has been released. This release contains several improvements and provides additional data-flow analyses.
Release of version 1.0.0

Version 1.0.0 has been released. First experiments can be found here.


The tool is written in Haskell and requires the Glasgow Haskell Conmpiler (GHC), version 7.6.*. Furthermore, it uses the term rewriting library. Both packages provide a cabal file. For installation, invoke cabal install.


Analyse all methods in file ListAppend.jbc. Results are stored as ListAppend-Class-method.trs:
 $ jat ListAppend.jbc 
Analyse method append of class List in file ListAppend.jbc. Result is printed to stdout:
 $ jat ListAppend.jbc List append 
Return graph representation as dot file.
 $ jat -f DOT ListAppend.jbc 


email: michael(dot)schaper(at)uibk(dot)ac(dot)at