Computation with Bounded Resources
Research Group

RaML Utils

This package provides currently only a (time)-complexity and normal-form preserving translation from resource aware ML to term rewrite systems.

Download and Installation

Source code can be downloaded from here. The program is written in Haskell and will compile under Glasgow Haskell Compiler and is available as Cabal package. It depends on following (non-standard) libraries:


$ RaMLtoTrs appendAll.raml


    @l @l1 @l2 @ls @x @xs)
    append(@l1,@l2) -> append#1(@l1,@l2)
    append#1(::(@x,@xs),@l2) -> ::(@x,append(@xs,@l2))
    append#1(nil(),@l2) -> @l2
    appendAll(@l) -> appendAll#1(@l)
    appendAll#1(::(@l1,@ls)) -> append(@l1,appendAll(@ls))
    appendAll#1(nil()) -> nil()
    appendAll2(@l) -> appendAll2#1(@l)
    appendAll2#1(::(@l1,@ls)) -> append(appendAll(@l1),appendAll2(@ls))
    appendAll2#1(nil()) -> nil()
    appendAll3(@l) -> appendAll3#1(@l)
    appendAll3#1(::(@l1,@ls)) -> append(appendAll2(@l1),appendAll3(@ls))
    appendAll3#1(nil()) -> nil())
    This TRS was automatically generated from the resource aware ML program 'appendAll.raml',