Computation with Bounded Resources
Research Group


The Tyrolean Complexity Tool (TCT for short) is a tool for automatically proving polynomial upper bounds on the derivational complexity and runtime complexity of term rewriting systems.


The tool pwhile is dedicated to the automated resource analysis of probabilistic while programs.


HOCA is an abbreviation for Higher-Order Complexity Analysis, and is meant as a laboratory for the automated complexity analysis of higher-order functional programs.


GUBS Upper Bound Solver is a special purpose solver for (in)equalities over arithmetical expressions with uninterpreted functions symbols.


paicc provides automated runtime analysis for integer transitions systems via growth-rate analysis of flowchart programs.


The Jat tool provides a complexity preserving transformation fron Jinja bytecode to cTRSs.


The rewriting library for Haskell is jointly developed with other members from the computational logic research group. Preliminary sources are currently availabe here.

RaML Utils

The raml-utils package provides a translation from resource aware ML to TRSs.


ICCT is a tool based on TTT2 for automatically investigating the implicit computational complexity of algorithms through rewriting techniques.